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Perfect Lyrics By Akhil

Perfect Lyrics Akhil The latest Punjabi song Perfect Lyrics is sung by Akhil is with music given by BOB. Perfect song lyrics are … Read more

Taa Vi Mardi Lyrics By Manjit Sahota

Taa Vi Mardi Lyrics Manjit Sahota The  latest Punjabi song  Taa Vi Mardi Lyrics is sung by Manjit Sahota is with music given by S… Read more

Baapu Lyrics By Amrit Maan

Baapu Lyrics Amrit Maan The Punjabi song Baapu Lyrics is sung by Amrit Maan is with music given by Desi Crew. Baapu song lyrics a… Read more

Kingdom Lyrics By Gagan Kokri and Bohemia

Kingdom Lyrics Gagan Kokri and Bohemia The latest Punjabi song Kingdom Lyrics is sung by Gagan Kokri and Bohemia is with music gi… Read more

Bitch I’m Back Lyrics By Sidhu Moose Wala

Bitch I’m Back Lyrics Sidhu Moose Wala The Brand new Punjabi song Bitch I’m Back Lyrics has sung by Sidhu Moose Wala from the mus… Read more

Mohabbat Lyrics By Sucha Yaar

Mohabbat Lyrics Sucha Yaar The Punjabi songMohabbat Lyrics is sung by Sucha Yaar is with music given by AR Deep. Mohabat song lyr… Read more

Ja Jee Lay Lyrics By Falak Shabir

Ja Jee Lay Lyrics Falak Shabir The Latest Punjabi song Ja Jee Lay Lyrics is sung by Falak Shabir is with music given by Asad Chau… Read more

Zoom Zoom Lyrics By Ash King, Iulia Vantur

Zoom Zoom Lyrics Ash King, Iulia Vantur The Hindi song Zoom Zoom Lyrics from Radhe ft Salman Khan is sung by Ash King and Iulia V… Read more

Try Kar Ke Lyrics By R Nait

Try Kar Ke Lyrics R Nait  The Punjabi song Try Kar Ke Lyrics is sung by R Nait is  with music given by Music Empire. Try Kar Ke s… Read more

Twinkle Twinkle Lyrics By Sukhman Heer

Twinkle Twinkle Lyrics Sukhman Heer The latest Punjabi song Twinkle Twinkle Lyrics by Sukhman Heer is with music given by Gur Sid… Read more

Kauli Khand Di Lyrics By Korala Maan

Kauli Khand Di Lyrics Korala Maan The latest Punjabi song Kauli Khand Di Lyrics by Korala Maan is with music given by Desi Crew. … Read more

Tere Karke Lyrics By Gurjazz, Gurlej Akhtar

Tere Karke Lyrics Gurjazz, Gurlej Akhtar The Punjabi song Tere Karke Lyrics by Gurjazz and Gurlej Akhtar is with music given by S… Read more

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